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Human Resources (HRM)

Gastronomie/ Hotellerie/ Tourismus, Dienstort: keine Rubrik

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<p>Sehr gute Englischkenntnisse setzen wir voraus. Bitte lesen Sie die englische Stellenbeschreibung:</p>
<p><strong><br /><br />Responsibility:</strong></ p>
<li>Compiles letter of references as wished by crewmember</li>
<li>Contact point for whichever crew issues arise with an "open door policy"; persons of trust for all crew members and officers; conflict/grievance mediation and resolution</li>
<li>Partner‘s with Ships management to foster an open and non-discriminatory environment that is harassment free</li>
<li>Work closely with department heads to ensure consistency and fairness through their management of policies, processes, transfers, promotions, performance, progressive discipline, safety, security and environmental, etc., of all ships employees</li>
<li>Provides coaching guidance and continuous feedback to the ships management on same</li>
<li>Monitors and assesses Crew morale, provides feedback to management and develops strategies to enhance overall employee satisfaction</li>
<li>Attends all Master‘s hearings and acts as an objective advisor of this forum with the crewmembers interest in mind. Ensures copy if all documentation is submitted to sea chefs Cruises Ltd. In Cyprus for filing and record keeping purposes</li>
<li>Participates and ensure that all investigations, including sexual harassment, assault and crime are carried out consistently and fairly and that all relevant documentation to support allegations in these investigations are obtained and pertinent procedures are followed</li>
<li>Participates on department meetings of deck &amp; engine crew</li>
<li>Weekly one to one jour fix with the captain</li>
<li>Takes part and engages shipboard Crew Welfare Committee meetings. Co-manages distribution of all pertinent information for all employee benefits, compensation and HR policies including, but not limited to: medical coverage, cruising privileges, vacation, sick leave, nutrition (Crew mess), life on board, uniforms, cultural events, sign-on/sign-off processes, privilege charts, leave of absence (Compassionate leave), retirement, recognition service awards program and other company/morale building programs.</li>
<li>Coordinates with shipboard and shore side leadership in the development distribution and execution of the ship‘s training schedule. As needed, customizes training curriculum and methods to improve effectiveness</li>
<li>Conducts and organizes train-the-trainer sessions with external trainers, shipboard managers and supervisors in an effort to ensure the effective transfer of job-specific knowledge and skill to crew members, and to assist managers and supervisors in maintaining operational standards</li>
<li>Develops, executes and delivers the New Hire Orientation program for all new shipboard crewmembers, following the company guidelines</li>
<li>Develops, executes and delivers specialized trainings as; multicultural life on board, ethical guidelines etc.</li>
<li>Monitors employee training records and communicates training requirements to department heads. Assesses trainees to measure their learning progress and to provide feedback on the effectiveness of training program design and execution. Conducts follow [up end reinforcement with management for all training activities to ensure performance consistency and skill transfer in an effort to maximize business and result for TUI Cruises</li>
<li>Attends meeting, training activities, courses and all other work-related activities as required</li>
<li>All duties and responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with: USPG / HACCP, ISM &amp; ISO, SQM and TUI Cruises service standards, safety policies and environmental regulations</li>
<p><br /><strong>Qualification / Job experience:<br /></strong></p>
<li>Good knowledge of the hotel department onboard cruise vessels in general as well as very good knowledge of administration matters.</li>
<li>Job experience or Training in Human Resources department</li>
<li>Business fluent in written + spoken German and English; another language would be welcome</li>
<li>Very good IT knowledge, especially in MS Office</li>
<li>Very good educational background</li>
<p><strong>Personal requirements:</strong></p>
<li>Management skills, authority, flexibility and organising ability</li>
<li>Poise, very good manners</li>
<li>Good communicator</li>
<li>Team player</li>
<li>Ability to work under pressure</li&

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